Industrialbox rinnova la certificazione EN ISO 9001:2015

Jun 03, 2018


NEWS @en


Thanks to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council® ) certification that INDUSTRIALBOX  has renewed also this year, the company has the right to use the FSC brand and to sell all related products as “FSC certificates”.

What is exactly the “FSC certification”?

The FSC certification is an international certification, indipendent and third party, specific for the forest sector and the products -woody and non woody- derived from forests. This certification can only be issued by Certification Bodies that have FSC accreditation, and is reliable sign of responsible and economically sustainable use of forest  resources.

Industrialbox cares about forests and knows to be responsible -like everyone- of the planet and its nature. This is why the company volontary decided to be certified, in order to demonstrate the high quality of its products and a company vision oriented towards a sustainable economy in the long term.

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